Internet Addiction

Healthy vs. unhealthy Internet use
One of the problems that seems to have arisen in the last ten years is internet addiction. Unlike other addictions, internet addiction is quite difficult to diagnose. Because the worldwide web can be accessed from so many different points, it is often hard to figure out whether someone is just using the internet a lot or is actually addicted.

The key to determining whether someone has any addiction is to check their behaviour. An unusual addiction, such as a gaming or internet addiction, is often diagnosed by the person’s lack of interest in any of their usual activities. They stay away from friends and family, spend a lot of time in a dark room or alone, and often forget to eat or spend days awake to feed their addiction.

Like any other, an internet addiction has to be treated and this can only be done when there is recognition of the problem. Whether this is recognition from the point of view of the addict themselves or from someone close to them is not important. What is important is recognising that the problem will not go away on its own, and often is born of a need to avoid pain, bad experiences and the like.

Going to a rehab centre may be the best first step for someone suffering from an internet addiction. Though this may seem silly as this is often perceived as a frivolous addiction, it can be just as serious and as problematic as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Someone who is addicted to the internet can become very thin and sick, may suffer from mental problems caused by lack of sleep and food and may even become defensive or aggressive at the suggestion that they have a problem.

To deal with this kind of addiction recovery, the addict not only needs to admit that they have a problem, but needs to mediate their internet usage. Since the internet is all around and is often used to connect to others and find information, it may be difficult for someone with an addiction to stop using the internet completely. What they do have to do however, it temper their internet usage and ensure that whatever time they have allocated to using the internet, they stick to it. This will help them heal without having to give up on this very necessary form of communicating with others that has become a part of so many people’s lives.

Beating internet addiction